Community Council Agenda
March 8, 2019 @ 7am
Hillcrest Conference Room

Sheli Field (Chair)(by phone)Spencer Holmgren
Kate Twohig (Vice Chair)Andrea Melnick
Sara Doutre (Secretary)Madison Cloward(excused)
Jason Pond(excused)Debbie Brough
Melissa LaMalfaSusan MacMurdo
Bill Young, Logan City(guest)Jed Al-Imari, Logan City(guest)
Sam Odd, Logan CityLarry Willams, School Board(guest)

Welcome and Introductions

Public Input

  • Moving at lunch
    • They have stopped having htem move and things seem to be going better.
    • Kids who take longer are not moved, the staff has just been instructed to seat kids.
  • E2- What is it and shoulud kids be missing math to get E2?
    • E2 is extension andn enrichment
      • Being offered for language arts in grades 3-5 through out the district for the kids who are performing highest in language arts.
      • It is provided by a paraprofessional supported by instructional coaches from other schools.
      • We have divided our instruction into pmultiple tiers to amke sure kids get everthing they need.
        • Tier 1 is cor instruction- the core instruction that every child gets every day, no kis are pulled out, this is provided by the teacher.
        • Tier 2 is supplemental instruction- remediation or enrichment, kids are typically divided into groups based on need and aides provide small-group enrichment.
        • Tier 3 is special services on top of that, like special education.
      • Spencer would like this to be spread out to all grades and not have a cap (currently capped at 12 kids because it's piolted to collect data on what works.)
      • We're prioritizing non-DLI kids for enrichemtn and extension because DLI is extension by itself.
      • Spencer would like to add a STEM enrichment component for E2.
        • We are looking to hire someone for 5-10 hours a week to provide E2 for STEM, mathematics, coding, etc.
      • How can we give more kids access to this?
        • School wide professional development on collaborative conversations
          • Getting kids talking and having collaborative conversations with each other.
      • Students should not be missing other instruction to go to E2, it should be during their WIN hour.

Hillcreast Mission

Review and approve minutes from February Meeting

  • We neglected to approve the minutes from February and will ened to approve them at the April meeting.

Guest Discussion- SNAP plan and results from traffic study

  • SNAP is now Safe Routes Utah
  • Guest from Logan City - Bill Young & Jed Al-Imari
  • Review of Hillcrest Safe Routes Utah Map
    • Correntions Spencer can make now:
      • Delete crosswalk on the amp N-S on 1500 E that does not exist
      • 1600 and Ellendale crosswalk needs to move to the south side - stop signs and yield signs as well as crosswoalk need to be updated.
      • Add crosswalk in front of the chruch across 1600 E- crosswalk exists but is not on the map.
      • Add green on roads- Foothill Drive and the rest of 1600 N, up to the access road in the green space.
    • Other suggested changes- adding crosswalks, etc
    • We should add what we want to be on the mamp and then provide that to the city to review.
    • ACTION: Each SCC member will review the map: Here is the link to the map and email any suggested changes or additions.
    • We will get feeback from bus parents on crosswalk
  • Review data from traffice review for school speed zone
    • Numbers did not warrant a school speed zone
    • Bill provided us with a flow-chart that will help with decision making in the future.
  • Question about existing bus stop on 1500 E- Transit department will make decisions about the bus stop and the Logan City will support aht with parking, etc.
  • Moving our crossing guard- will we be able to move the crossing guard to a better place for the new school?
    • It is likely- it's much easier to move the crossing guard we already have than it si to get a new crossing guard.

Budget Update (Spencer)

  • Spencer and Denise have put together our budget (thank you Denise!)
    • We have $10,994.80 remaning in our 18019 funds
    • Our carryover cannot exceed $5,681
      • Discussion about carryingover- the funds are meant for this year and we have carried over a lot in previous years.
      • We will likely get even more funds next year.
  • Hillcrest is facing a budget shortfall for existing aides
    • Spencer received a budget in August and created a plan for the year based on that.
    • In January he received a new budget with different numbers, a $4-$5000 shortfall.
    • This is causing a shortfall for a full-time Kindergarten aide and another floating aide that help with interventions.
  • In addition, there are some special need saorudn behavior right now in Kindergarten and 4th Grade.
  • These are behavior issues that we are in the process of getting additional services from the district but teachers need some support now.
  • What does the school need right now?
    • Additional aide time due to the shortfall - $2,987
    • Aide time to help with K and 4th grade behavior problems - $3,651.21
    • Behavior consultant to observe in classrooms and provide guideance to the full school on interventions and planning - 1 day per month for the remainder of the school year - $2,250
      • Total cost - $8,888.21
      • Remaing funds - $2,106.59
  • Discussion on use of funds for these items
    • This is going to meet some immediate needs and is not a long-term solution.
  • What are some long-term solutions.
    • Better training for staff including teacher on the referral process for speacial eduation
    • Better training for parents on how to ask for additinal suport for their children
    • Better training for the refocus teacher
    • Better referral process for special education


  • Debbie motions to approve expenditures as follows:
    • Additional aide time due to the shortfall - $2,987
    • Aide time to help with K and 4th grade behavior problems- $3,651.21
  • Melissa Lamalfa 2nd
  • All approve expenditures

  • Sara D requested that we do the next vote separately and abstained as the consultant we are considering using is an acqaintance of hers
  • Spencer motioned to approve expenditures for:
    • Behavior consultant to observe in classrooms and provide guidance to the full school on interventions and planning- 1 day per month for the remainder of the school year - $2,250
  • Debbie B seconded the motion
  • All approved the expenditures, with Sara D abstaining from the vote

Next Step & Assignments

  • Siter intervention team
    • Spencer is going to meet with Matt Bennett, Principal at Woodruff Elementary School who was previously at the district office in the special education office.
    • Spencer is meeting with Frank next week
    • Need training for teacher on how to do a referral as well as clear child find policies and procedures.
    • Larry Williams will take the concerns to Frank as well
  • Proposed discussion topics for March
    • Continued discussion about long-term solutions for problems with referrals for additional support
    • Review of goals for 2019-2020 school improvement plan

Next Meeting

  • Friday April 12, 2019- please note this is, again, not the first Friday of the month. The first Friday falls on Spring Break.