Community Council Agenda
November 9, 2018 @ 7am
Hillcrest Conference Room

Sheli Field (Chair)Spencer Holmgren
Kate Twohig (Vice Chair)Andrea Melnick
Sara Doutre (Secretary)Madison Cloward(excused)
Jason PondDebbie Brough
Melissa LaMalfaSusan McMurdo(excused)

Public Input

  • Question: With the news about Ellis possibly being rebuilt rather than being remodeled, how will that affect how long Ellis students need to be in the school, making it longer that we have more traffic and no playground grassy area, etc.?
  • The district and Ellis administrators have been talking about how best to use the money for the Ellis school as it may cost similar to rebuild as to remodel. There are a lot of considerations, we don’t know yet if there will have to be a new bond or the timeline. Mr. Holmgren shared a rendering of the new school and what the block would look like with both schools on it.
  • Parking on the East side of the school will be removed, but Spencer will follow up on any decisions made about moving

Hillcrest Mission

  • Ensure that all students at Hillcrest are learners to reach their dreams and succeed.

Review and approve minutes from November meeting

  • Jason motioned
  • Melissa 2nd
  • All in favor

Budget Update (spencer)

  • Right now the system shows that we have overspent our SCC funds for the year. This is because of some duplicate encumbrances for instructional assistants and will be resolved as soon as Mr. Holmgren can review the pay rates for each instructional assistant.
  • Because we only fund half a year of the dance teacher through the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Foundation, that will be ending this week. We fund that position for ½ year with SCC funds and will discuss at future meetings how we want to fund that for next year. Many members expressed an interest in continuing that relationship.
  • Grade level spending
    • Total available: $13,000
    • Total spent: $13,044
    • Total supplies: $3,800
    • Total technology: $9,244 – chromebooks, ipads, software
      • Went a little over due to negotiations with IXL – software program that multiple grades use.
    • Moving forward, we may want to move the timeline forward so we can get those items to teachers more quickly. For now, we want to make sure we are reviewing applications at the October meeting so applications need to go out to teachers right after school starts.
    • We’re currently carrying over more unds every year than is recommended by the state. We need to see what we can put in place with the district, within our SCC, and possibly with the state, to make sure were utilizing the funds this year.

Data update (Spencer)

  • Utah has a new school grading system this year (school grades available here)
  • Some things we’re starting to do at Hillcrest to help
    • Starting DIBELS math progress monitoring that is similar to the reading testing and reports we do, still figuring out how to best use it.
    • The subgroups of children performing the lowest are our students with disabilities and our English language learners.
    • Structure is being put into place, it’s hard to change culture from the district level. We believe that the new model of everyone accessing core instruction and interventions that they need rather than being pulled out.
    • There are plans for using data in different ways to help look at how we can change instruction to improve these numbers.
    • We’re doing a lot of great things in the classroom and supplemental – including robotics competition.
    • District focus on English language learners with professional development.
Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 9.42.27 AM.png Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 9.42.46 AM.png

Student-Parent-School Compact

  • This should be reviewed each year at parent teacher conferences. Some teachers have done this more consistently than others but Mr. Holmgren is starting to look at this more. The signature block for principal has been added to increase accountability.
  • Good reminder of what we are committing to at school.
  • The school district would like feedback on the content of the parent-school compact.
  • How can this be used to empower parents rather than to create guilt?
  • Ideas include literacy tips, reinforcing ways parents can advocate, encouraging parents to bring questions and talk to teachers.

Character Ed/Behavior Interventions (Spencer)

  • The state is now allowing community councils to use our Trustlands funds for charter education programs – we can use up to $7000 of our funds for that character education and behavior and social skills.
  • We haven’t had a social worker in our school but now do – now we have a social worker here every Monday for the full day who can work with individual students.
  • In the past we did Leader in Me and the state contributed funds to that, they don’t fund that now. We funded it but their support was not good.
  • Potential options for character/behavior intervention:
    • The Leader in Me = $11,000 to get new staff trained, renewal subscription of $5000 each year with mentor visit to school once per year. Not individualized for student problems.
    • Blind Mule Behavioral Services = $399 per class member for summer classes (all licensed staff in school for $7,000), $125 an hour for school visits once a month (56 hours = 6 hours a month at $7,000).
    • Prevention Dimensions = $0 paid for by the state, Mike Cottam is looking into if the state will allow him to do a class specifically for our school.
  • Feedback from teacher leadership team.
    • This is important – they need support with this, but don’t want to give up money for aides or time to do those interventions.
    • Teachers who have implemented programs have found them to be successful, but it takes time to implement them.
  • Decision to wait to see if our funds increase to decide how we want to spend money. Behavior impacts learning everything so this is a focus.

Next Steps Assgnments

  • Proposed discussion topics for February meeting
  • SNAP plan – invite Bill Young and Jed Alamari to talk about SNAP plan and traffic plans during the construction next year
  • School advisory committee brought up the topic of revisiting the school dress code – we have a district dress code and a school dress code. It is being inconsistently enforced right now. Hillcrest dress code is on the website here.
  • District Dress Code here.

Next Meeting

  • February 1, 2019 @ 7:00 AM (change because there is no school on February 8th)