Community Council Agenda
February 7, 2019 @ 7am
Hillcrest Conference Room

Sheli Field (Chair) Spencer Holmgren
Kate Twohig (Vice Chair) Andrea Melnick
Sara Doutre (Secretary) Madison Cloward
Debbie Brough

Welcome and Introductions

Public Input

  • Lunch Tables
    • Some parents have reported that kids are still moving.
    • After brief discussion, Spencer reported that he will stop moving the older grades to see what impact that has.

Hillcrest Mission

REview and Approve minutes from January meeting

  • Kate motioned
  • Andrea 2nd
  • All in favor

Budget Update

  • Due to outdated software at the district office (alio), we do not have accuarte accounting for expenditures of our SCC funds.
  • The district report is missing many of our expenditures for supplies and equipment and also somehow shows that we have overspend out allocations by $11,033.35
  • By our school's accounting, we have spent $13,044 on supplies and equipment and have spent $40,892.55 so far. Our allocated funds were $56,810.
  • THe lack of an accurate budget report has made it look like we're even.
  • WE will invite the district business administrator to our April meeting to talk about accounting and how the district can give us more accurate accounting of where we are at.
  • This becomes a problem because the lack of accounting has led to us over-/under-spending almost every year. The implications of that can be that our legislature may decide to give us fewer funds because we aren't spending them.
  • Sheli will contace the state to find out how they monitor this and any solutions they have.

School Advisory Committee

  • School advisory committee is a group of teachers-the leadership coalitions consisting of teacher leaders- that review input form teacher. The principal participates to listen but the teachers lead.
  • Concern- some teachers aren't enforcing the dress code standard for wearing hats.
  • District dress code- Find it here
  • Current Hillcrest dress code- Find it here
  • The difference from the district to school are as follows: The following examples of abbreviated or distracting clothing may be prohibited: short short, or short skirts, and clothing revealing bare midsections, bare shoulders, and bare backs. Other clothing items may be prohibited depening on the situatoin (e.g. hats, head covering, thongs, flip-flops). Snowsuits and boots should be removed upon arrival at school.
  • The district is also revisiting their dress code.
  • While Hillcrest has named some specific things, they aren't well defined- what does short shorts mean?
  • The middle school has a tricter dress code than we do an has "dress code buddy" that is a very clear picture of what is and is not acceptable.
  • A stricter dress code gives everyone a really good picture of what is acceptable and what is not but may also have other implications at the school including other students policing the dress code.
  • Spencer is going to talk to the teacher again and is going to recommend removing the highlighted additions to the district dress code, possibly leaving the last sentence- "Other clothing items may be prohibited depending on the situation."
  • Spencer will follow up with the teachers and get back to us on decisions that are made.

Preparations for New School Improvement Plans

Next Steps Assignemnts

  • Spencer will invite the district business manger to our April meeting.

Proposed discussion topics for march

  • SNAP Plan and traffice study results, Bill Young & Jed Al-Imari coming on March 8th

NExt Meeting

  • March 8, 2019 @ 7:00 AM