September Newsletter


Mr. Matt: All about animals! Students will learn about animals and their special habitats. Students will discuss their own favorite animals and learn about new ones.

Mr. Ben: Sports! Mr. Ben’s students will explore the world of sports and become world class athletes. Students will learn new sports games.

Miss Carlee: “If you give a student and imagination” Miss Carlee will take her students on a fantastical journey through their imaginations with art, science, and movement.

Miss Shelbey: Around the World. Students will learn about different cultures and customs from around the world.

Monday activities:

Character Company: “Petals of Kindness” Students will learn about what kindness, and how it can spread throughout the school.

Confidence Crew: “Garden of Greatness” students will talk about how different plants grow and what makes them unique.

Life Skills: “I don’t have time!” Students will talk about time management, and why it’s important to prioritize different tasks throughout the day.

ASC Contact Information Site Manager:

Reagan Wengreen

ASC Site Phone:

435- 755-2362

Program Coordinator: Jed Grunig. 435-755-2300

Program Youth Coordinator: Tara Alder 435-716-9249