Community Council
September 7, 2017 at 7:00am
Hillcrest Conference Room


  • Debbie Brough
  • Spencer Holmgren
  • Shelli Field
  • Sara Doutre
  • Kate Twohig
  • Jason Pond
  • Madison Cloward

Excused: Kim Kelley

Public Input

  • Celebration - Hillcrest out-performed all other elementary schools in the district and performed very well in the state compared to other elementary schools
  • Boundary change meetings happening over the next six weeks at every elementary school. Hillcrest's will be on October 12th.
  • School lunch numbers - we are about the same with our number of free and reduced lunch as we were last year, we need to keep promoting applications.
  • Clarification on breakfast. Preschoolers can eat breakfast, Spencer has spoken to the cooks and all ages can come to breakfast.

Hillcrest Mission

Budget UPdate

  • Budget system is down online.
  • We have at least $7500 that we need to reallocate because the district is now paying for our science speclaist position

Review and Approval of May Minutes

  • Jason Pond motioned
  • Kate Twohig 2nd
  • All in favor


  • Elections were conducted and the following will serve as officers until September 2018:
    • Sara Doutre, Chair
    • Kate Twohig, Vice Chair
    • Sheli Field, Secretary

Class sizes and Allocations

  • Held a discussion on how the district allocates FTEs for teachers.
  • Class sizes are down at Hillcrest in all grades, but low enough in Kindergarten that we moved from four sessions to three. Ms. Melnick was offered other full-time positions but wanted to stay with kindergarten.
  • The greatest need is for planning time - the kindergarten team now has no paid time for planning
  • Spencer will determine the cost of paying for extra hours, by the hour, for Ms. Melnick to pay for planning time.
  • Aides are less expensive but we have an open aide position that has not yet been filled and it is hard to find good aides.
  • Aide time - full-time aide is 5.5 hours of support for $10,992.41. Full time teacher for 180 days is approximately $62,000.

Other Potential Allocations

  • Power hour is now WIN (What I Need) hour. It can be literacy or math based depending on the kids' needs.
  • Hillcrest currently has software for progress monitoring for reading but does not have a way to collect ongoing math data to determine whether students are making progress.
  • Imagine Learning is the reading software we use.
  • Looking at various math programs - Iceberg model looks at problems and drills down to find gaps in past skills that are causing current problems. One-time assessment that gives data about where kids are at, then teachers can track mastery.
  • Proposed math software for progress monitoring - $5,000 for one-year license - Ten Marks. STAR math is a cheaper possibility but the data reports are not as useful for teachers and students.

Update on STEM Meeting

  • Very small turnout - 6 or 7 parents, Spencer presented requirements for getting the STEM designation. There were 38 responses to the survey.
  • If we are going to move forward with the STEM designation, we will need a core team that can commit to ongoing work.
  • Spencer will reach out to the 38 parents that responded to the initial survey. Feedback was that the survey was overwhelming and attending the meeting made everything much easier.
  • Recommendation to have teachers invite specific parents to participate.
  • Even if we don't go for the STEM designation, the process is a great opportunity for self-assessment.
  • Need to notify the state of our intent to apply by October.

Next Meeting

  • October 5, 2017 @ 7:00 a.m.