Community Council Minutes
September 6, 2019 @ 7am
Hillcrest Conference Room

Shele Field (Chair) Spencer Holmgren
Sara Dourte (Secretary) Trevor Davis
Jason Pond Debbie Brough
Susan MacMurdo

Agenda Topics

  • Public Input
    • Suggestion for a playground game- gaga ball, we can't spend community council funds on it but Spencer will look into it.
    • Recess reoprt- Spencer reports that it has been better than expected using the side of the school, have added new equipment. New painted activities also, that kids are using.
    • Need walkie-talkies for recess.
  • Hillcrest Mission
  • Review and approve May 24th meeting minutes
    • Vote to approve May 24th meeting minutes
      • Jason Pond motioned to approve
      • Debbie Brough 2nd
      • All in favor
  • 2019-2020 SCC Officer Elections
    • Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary
    • Elected Jason Pond (unanimous vote) to serve as Vice Chair
    • Postponed additional officer elections until after we recruit additional memembers
    • We need to recruit additional members. Every member will invite at least three peopel to attend the October meeting.
  • Review of Year-End Data (Spencer)
    • 19-20 Goal- All students will achieve on year of growth in one or more DIBLES reading focus areas (five potential areas) by the end of May 2019
      • Overall= 97%
    • 19-20 Goal- All students will achieve on year of growth in one or more DIBELS math focus areas (three potential areas) by the end of May 2019
      • Overall=88%
    • How can we better intervene to help the kids who are still struggling?
  • Mobile learning update- at least 10-12 attended each time, more at Lundstrom Park
    • Provided at Aggie Village, Willow Park, and Lundstrom Park
    • Have data to look at if it makes a difference on beginning of year data for kids
  • Arts goal- completed, modified for this year
    • Still doing dance this year, have options to look at other art classes for 2020-2021
  • Review 2019-2020 Improvement Plan Goals
    • Goal 1: All students will achieve a year’s worth of growth in one or more DIBELS focus areas by the end of May 2020. In order to ensure that students are present for tier I instruction Refocus referrals will decrease by 50% or more in 2019-2020 as compared to the referrals in 2018-2019.
      • SCC funds are going toward paying for Second Step and Educators Handbook
    • Goal 2: All students will make a year’s worth of growth in one or more Math Focus areas by the end of May 2020.
    • Goal 3: All students will participate in a Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts class to integrate art study to enhance and enrich CORE content areas at each grade level by the end of May 2020.
  • Next week is baseline data week – have done STAR, doing DIBELS and math baseline data
  • Building Update (Spencer)
    • Look at roofing for next goal, roof for the first wing should start going up next week – second phase October, third November. Roof should go up by January.
    • Hoping for a finish date of end of school year but may be into the summer.
    • Will try to get a floor plan to look at for our next meeting
    • Spencer will try to plan a trip to go to the elementary school in Farmington that has the same layout
  • Budget Update (Spencer)
    • Will have final numbers for this year at the October meeting
  • Next Steps, Assignments
    • Invite three people to our next meeting
  • Proposed discussion topics for October meeting
    • Elections

Next Meeting: October 11, 2019 @ 7:00 AM- meetings will be on the 2nd Friday of the month.