Community Council Minutes
September 1, 2016 at 7:00 A.M.
Hillcrest Elementary Conference Room

Jenna Williams Kim Kelley
Sara Doutre Kate Twohig
Julie Benson Spencer Holmgren
Jason Pond Deandra Harps

Public Input

Can we spread the tables in the cafeteria out a bit, my child feels like they are cramped sitting at tables. Several students I've heard from said they have to move multiple times during their lunch time so that tables can be cleaned. Principal Holmgren said the students do have assigned tables to sit at. We have ordered two new tables to relieve some of the congestion at the tables. The younger grades spread out, they could squish together a little bit more. We'll see what happens when we get the new tables.

Do I talk to you or the city about a broken sprinkler on the southeast corner of the field? Mr. Holmgren - we'll take care of it.

One thing I've had a lot of input on are the doors. Is that getting better? In many schools they have assigned doors and it is for safety protocol. This school has numbers in the windows. When emergency responders come to an emergency they would like to have doors labeled. At the beginning or the ending of the day many people come into and out of the school. This is a way that the teachers can watch the kids coming and leaving. If there are concerns with parents, have them come to community council and we can discuss it and vote on it. I would like to form a sub-committee so we can work out some of the problems associated with it. If it goes back to the way it was, as long as it is the will of the parents, I'm okay with that. Let's do a committee and we'll figure it out. Sara, Deandra, Jenna, and Kim will work on that committee along with Mr. Holmgren.

Review and approve minutes: Motion to approve minutes, Kate - seconded by Jason, vote unanimous to approve the August minutes.

Trustlands this year - $42,921 remaining. We have spent $2,368 for the mastery connect conference. We budgeted $5,000. Mr. Markworth said that he thinks all of the expenses aren't in yet. The projection for carryover was $10,000. Our actual is $1,022. There is a big discrepancy. Total funds available - $42,921, science prep - $8,500, 2 dual language aids - $7,000, Literacy aides - $30,000 - 15 hours or about 3 aids, Mastery connect convention - $5,000, Total expenditures - $50,000 (over budget by $7,579). We haven't hired the DLI aides yet.

The DLI Teachers are feeling the crunch in their classrooms. They had 2 power hours for morning and afternoon DLI. Where we used to have one person doing math, we have spread that assignment out to many people throughout the school. Can we use the university resources? Yes, but they are volunteers and can't be held to the same standard as an employee.

We read in the newspaper that the superintendent is holding some of the money allocated to the district this year. Is that legal? Let's talk to the superintendent. I think it would be more effective if we contacted the presidents of all the community councils and approach the superintendent with our concerns. That is a great idea. Sara will contact the presidents of community councils and coordinate that.

In looking at my overall budget we have a lot of things going out. We have $8,000 left for the year. We have spent a lot of money on Beverly Taylor, Leader in Me, etc.

Jason nominates Sara to be the chair, Kate seconded - vote unanimous. Jason and Kate nominated each other to be the vice-chair. Julie seconded nomination for Kate. Vote unanimous. Julie will you continue on as secretary? Yes.

Deandra Heaps, Michael Albright and Brittany Andrus have submitted applications. Next meeting if the people who have submitted applications come, we will make a motion to add these people to our council meetings. Sara will reach out and invite them.

Do we need to meet again to talk about budget and data? We are giving STAR and dibels this week. When I have that data I can break it out. We can break it out not only as whole school, but as special-ed, DLI, ELL, etc. This data won't be available for a couple of weeks. We can amend the budget at any time as long as we meet to do that. We could have a better idea of where we are after speaking to the superintendent. So, let's wait until October 6.

SNAP plan will be tabled until next time. Have you met with the safety committee yet?
No, I just spoke to Reed Tanner who is an officer/parent on the council.

Missions and visions - It took us a full professional development day to work on our mission. There were 12 that were suggested and narrowed to 2. I would like to have them voted upon by this body by October 9. I'll send them out requesting for input.
The vision is a little different. It is what we do daily, weekly, yearly to accomplish our mission. I will then take them back to the teachers to see how it goes.

Motion to adjourn Julie motion - seconded Mr. Holmgren, adjourn.

Assignments: Sara - contact presidents of all community councils, invite new members to our next meeting.
Jason - will talk to the foundation about fundraising to cover our budget shortfalls.
Kate - Invite Reed to our next meeting, follow-up with the neighborhood representative to see what problems they have identified that are also a concern for us.
Sara, Deandra, Kim, & Mr. Holmgren - work on committee to resolve concerns about door assignments.