Community Council Minutes
May 3, 2019 @ 7am
Hillcrest Conference Room

Sheli Field (Chair)Spencer Holmgren
Kate Twohig (Vice Chair)Andrea Melnick
Sara Doutre (Secretary)Madison Cloward
Jason PondDebbie Brough
Melissa LaMalfaSusan McMurdo

Agenda Topics

  • Public Inupt
  • Hillcrest Mission
  • Review and approve minutes from April Meeting
  • Teachers raised a question about the approval of how we are going to spend the 2019-20 SCC funds. Teachers were not present for the end of the meeting when decisions were made about what to include in the school improvement plan and wanted to provide additional input and share input that was brought forward by other teachers.

    We revisited the idea of specifically allocating funds for the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Artsprogram.

    What are the options? It isn’t just one or the other, but we can choose to change how we allocate the funds. Even if we agree to continue to fund the Beverly Taylor Sorenson, we can use that for different types of art including visual art. Some families really like dance and some would like exposure to other things. Teachers are not opposed to dance but want flexibility to add other art forms as well. There are ways to do movement and we are seeing more movement in music as well.

    Options include the following and combinations of these:

    • Fund additional time to provide more options – one full-time arts person rather than a part-time dance position. We may need to carry up to the maximum we can to pay for that option next year.
    • Broaden the language to allow use of funds for different art forms, even if it’s still under the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts program.
    • Providing additional structure to the arts prep time including possible funding for more coordination with teachers.

    SCC Leadership will draft public notice that we will be voting electronically to:

    • Approve the allocation the school improvement plan
    • Amending the allocation for Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts
    • Public notice will go out and then one week later we will send a request for an electronic vote.

      VOTE: Motion was made to approve amended April minutes – minutes are amended to match the understanding that we did not officially approve the allocation of funds to the school improvement planning goals. Unanimously passed.

  • SCC decision items for SCC vote
    • Expenditures of remaining 2018-2019 Land Trust funds
      • Playground equipment and resources proposal
      • $12,398 still available in 18-29 funds according to teh state land trust website.

      VOTE: Motion was made to reserve the maximum amount for carryover to the 2019-2020 school year and to approve spending all funds down to that amount on playground equipment and resources. Unanimously passed.

      We will look for things that aren't only sport-realted but also music and other items that might be attached to the fence.

  • Budget update (Spencer)
    • $12,398 available according to the state website
  • Safe Routes Utah update (Sara)
    • Sara will follow up with Logan City

    Next Meeting

    • August 16th @ 12:00 pm