Community Council Minutes
May 3, 2018@ 7:00am
Hillcrest Conference Room


Sara Doutre (Chair) Kim Kelley
Kate Twohig (Vice Chair) Madison Cloward
Sheli Field (Secretary) Jason Pond(excused)
Spencer Holmgren Debbie Brough
Caroline St.Onge-visitor Melissa LaMalfa-visitor
Heidi Thornley-visitor Bill Young, Logan engineer-visitor
Jed Al-lamari, division manager-visitor

Public Input

  • New school schedule, start time at 8:05, push-in vs pull-out will be implemented.
    • Meaning resources will be sent into the classrooms instead of kids being pulled out
    • This requires a more regulated schedule for the teachers.
    • Recess not scheduled in but up to teachers.
      • Discussion about the importance of recess, strong parental feelings for the teachers to include recess.


  • Jed Al-lamari, and Bill Young from Logan City
    • There are regulations for crosswalks, crossing guards, zones, and signs.
    • There are requirements for traffic/pedestrian counts of kids at a certain age for reduced speed zones and crosswalks.
    • There are state guidelines for what safety zones are warranted.
    • It is important to do traffic counts when USU is in session, and also when it's warm weather, maybe Sept or Oct. We should make a plan at the beginning of the school year, put out the plan to the parents (back to school night), and have the kids walk the routes. Then you ask the city for a count. During the construction of the new school, they may need to modify the plan and ask for changes to the routes and school safety assistance. Include Jed, Bill, and Officer Hooley in these plans (send them our SNAP Plan).

Hillcrest Mission

  • Review and approve minutes from March meeting
    • Kate motions
    • Debbie 2nd
    • All in favor
  • Budget update
    • Looks like we have $6500 carryover, which is less than the 10% allowed.
    • Next year we should apply for the technology grant (Stem Action Center) as a school instead of as a district.
    • No districts as a whole were awarded the grant this year.
  • Vision Screenings Update
    • Caroline St.Onge met with Woodruff, Adams, and Ellis.
    • Kelly Hansen, the district nurse, said the state guidelines require a 20 ft vision chart.
    • She has the equipment for the binocular vision screening, but training is the concern.
    • Volunteers are operating under her license.
    • She would be willing to pilot a school, hopefully Hillcrest, to test those who teachers recommend.
    • Caroline had a simple set of questions for teachers to review in considering who may benefit from additional testing.
    • Dr. Michael Cole said he would be willing to train volunteers.
    • (A bus that hands out glasses to kids in needs visits Ellis Elementary.)
    • November would be a good time for the additional screenings.
  • Extra info
    • We should offer a small training to the teachers at the beginning of the year so they know what to look for, and follow-up with Kelly Hansen to pilot the additional screening.
  • Netsmartz May 16th 1:00 K-2, 1:50 3-5
  • Recruiting for SCC -Potential members: Kristin McEnoa, Brad Hess, Melissa LaMalfa, Heidi Thornley, Meaghan Cottam
    • we need 5-10 voting members, bylaws passed March 2017
  • Next Steps, Assignments


  • Debbie motions
  • Kate 2nd
  • All in favor

Next meeting

  • August 16, 2018 @ 7:00 a.m.