Community Council
April 13, 2017 at 7:00am
Hillcrest Conference Room


  • Sara Doutre
  • Kate Twohig
  • Jenna Williams
  • Jason Pond
  • Julie Benson
  • Deandra Harps
  • Shelli Field
  • Kim Kelly
  • Spencer Holmgren
  • Debbie Brough

Approve March Minutes

  • Kate motioned
  • Jason 2nd
  • All in favor


  • we have our 2nd meeting next week.
  • The memeber of the committe from our school include: Scott Bernahrdt, Paul DeMorgan, Sra Doutre, Jason Pond, Tonya Kent, Brad Hess, Jenna WIlliams, REbecca Landa, Heather Fairbank, Reed Olsen.

Budget Update

  • We are on track.
  • We are still spending for instructional assistans about $4,000 each month.
  • The district shows that we have a $3,505 carry-over based on projections, etc.
  • If that materializes, we will need to spend that.
  • What is the time-line for spending this money?
  • July 1, we probably need to have a game plan in May to know how to spend the money so we aren't making a hasty decision.
  • We can carry-over, but it must be below 5% of the current budget.

DLI Committee

  • it is divided into three sub-committees
    • Finance
    • Emotional connections within the community
    • Resource Equity within the school
  • We will meet through the end of the year and into next year.
  • The goal is to have a decision about the 2018-19 school by December.
  • Celebrations
    • We heard a resounding echo of the challenges we had at Hillcrest were also happening at Bridger.
  • The questions we formulated we as parents don't have access to information and we are relying upon the school personnel to give us that direction.
  • From Principal
    • WBridger was brining up concerns that don't even exist at Hillcrest.e as a school community need input from parents because we don't always know how parents, students, and others are feeling and seeing things.
  • Sara - concerns aren't unique to Hillcrest.
    • Bridger was brining up concerns that don't even exist at Hillcrest.
    • It isn't a Hillcrest problem, but a DLI problem.
    • Is district going to invest in DLI at all rather than DLI at Hillcrest?
    • Has anyone from the district talked to other schools/districts that are doing things well?
    • They have been to a couple of different schools to look at things.
    • There may be bigger problems within the district, that need to be addressed and DLI just seems to be the face of the current situation.

Combining Districts

  • Is there any discussion about combining the districts?
  • Yes, there is a study in the next couple of years to see the situation.
  • Cache bonds and Logan has raised taxes and Logan is at the max of the tax rate.
  • The main thing that is happening on the East side of the district is the population is aging.
  • We are projecting growth in the deer pen area and toward Bridger - apartments or houses?
  • That being said with that study with projected growth in the future is this going to be a problem for 10 years or will it grow away?
  • Cache gives their teachers a cost of living of 5% while Logan only gives 2-3%.
  • The superintendent is going to try to increase the rate in Logan.
  • He is looking to increase the starting teacher wage.
  • How many years before the new school? 2019.

STEM Designation

  • Give support and programs to students not in DLI.
  • Gov Herbert came out with an initiative to help students gain skills in science technology, engineering, and math.
  • There are stem school designation or teachers can get a STEM endorsement. There is one offered through Utah State.
  • Our district works with Max Longhurst at USU so all teachers can get training in STEM and can continue on with Max to get the endorsement.
  • The school applies through a couple of years there is a study and then the Utah STEM action center gives the appropriate designation - Platinum or STEM DLI.
  • There isn't funding for designation, it is just something that may help build relationships with industry partners.
  • STEM DLI may take 3 years to fully implement, the other designations only take a year to do - platinum, silver, gold, bronze.
    • Platinum is the highest there are only 2 in the state that are platinum, 4 are gold and Woodruff is one of them.
    • Woodruff didn't get platinum because we lacked the resources like a STEM lab in the school, etc.
  • As a STEM school you partner with businesses to do STEMy things.
  • You have a STEM night - not a science fair - but businesses and university come and share type of careers that are available in STEM areas.
  • This process is a team effort, but it is doable. We have some good things in place, but they may need some tweaking, but we need to get more businesses in and more community involvement - odyssey of the mind, robotics, etc.
  • This is something for all kids to participate in.
  • Our teachers are doing a lot of the things they need to do, but they would just have to do more community outreach.
  • Would all teachers have to be STEM endorsed?
    • No, we would have to move toward different benchmarks of improvement
    • 1 teacher per grade level, etc. until all are endorsed.
    • Only 1 teacher at Hillcrest expressed interest in becoming STEM certified.
  • If it is something we want to do it will have to start with this group or with PTA.
  • We need parents willing to go to SLC for quarterly meetings.
  • We evaluate other STEM schools and they come and evaluate us, etc.
  • Neither Edith Bowen nor In Tech are STEM designated. They just advertise their emphasis on STEM curriculum.
  • Can you take Hillcrest through this?
    • Not 17-18, but looking at 18-19.
    • We are already going to take one of our empty classrooms next year and make it into a STEM lab.
    • I've already talked to Kevin and we are moving in that direction.
  • Is STEM night a school or PTA sponsored function?
    • Started out as school, but then taken over by PTA.
  • Did the designation cost you any more money?
    • No, but through the networking and partnership you get donations.
  • Does Hillcrest already have a VEX robotics things?
    • Yes. We competed two years ago but the other people have moved.
    • Contact Gary Stewardson at USU about robotics - 797-1802 is his number I think.
    • Contact Lee's and SDL to contribute to the STEM lab and have their names on the door.
    • I'll contact Jeff Barben to make sure that we aren't breaking any laws.

    Other Info

    • There is an upcoming meeting for chairs and principals coming up but I'll send you the information.
    • Spencer will meet with Kate and Sara to personally invite people to be on the STEM committee.