Community Council Agenda
April 12, 2019 @ 7am
Hillcrest Conference Room

Sheli Field (Chair)(by phone)Spencer Holmgren
Kate Twohig (Vice Chair)Andrea Melnick
Sara Doutre (Secretary)Madison Cloward
Jason Pond(excused)Debbie Brough
Melissa LaMalfaSusan MacMurdo

Public Input

  • Stacy Rice reminded us the importance of art in education. The BTSA grant helps fund dance at Hillcrest. The content she teaches in dance aligns with the CORE curriculum for the students.
  • Need for more/different playground equipment to use on blacktop.
    • Jump ropes? Frisbees? Wiffle balls?
    • Fence the front yard space. The Superintendent was on board for doing that.
    • Teach the kids how to use the new equipment or teach them various gams to play that don't involvle equipment.
    • Have a games corner where each day a game will be organized to play. Tag, Frisbee, capture the flag, etc.
  • Hillcrest Mission
  • Review and Approve minutes from March meeting
    • Jason Pond motioned
    • Debbie Brough 2nd
    • All in favor

Budget Update (Spencer)

  • May have additional support in district office which will help keep the budget updated.
  • Spent this year: equipment for playground, technology, BTSA. We have $10,339.74 left.

Review Progress on 2018-2019 School Improvement Plan

  • Middle of the year data (January)
    • Kindergarten 96%
    • 1st 86%
    • 2nd 94%
    • 3rd 98%
    • 4th 94%
    • 5th 89%
    • Hillcrest school overall 93%
    • 76% of the whole school improved in 2 or more areas
    • Hillcrest is doing better than the state
  • DIBELS MATH FOCUS (first year using this)
    • BOY= 184 or 28%
    • MOY= 204 or 46%
    • DIBELS math has not been easy or smooth. Aiming to change to a different monitoring system. Something more user friendly.

Discuss and potentially adopt goals for 2019-2020 School Improvement Plan

  • Reading focus, Math focus, social skills focus, BTSA (dance)
  • A survey went out to teachers asking what they wanted most:
    1. Aide time
    2. Better training for refocus administration and additional education on tier 3 student behaviors
    3. Computer programs

2019-2020 Goals

  1. All students will achieve a years worth of growth in 1 or more DIBLES focus areas by May 2020.
    • Resources to accomplish this goal:
      • 35 chromebooks = $10,5000 (specifically targeted to younger grades)
      • 8.5 hours of instructional aide time
  2. All students will achieve a years worth of growth in 1 or more math focus areas by May 2020.
    • Resources to accomplish this goal:
      • Same as goal 1 and...
      • Utilize IXL for grades 1-5. Kindergarten will use AMC
  3. All students will earn the social skills as recommended by a program yet to be decided. Refocus referrals will decrease by 50% from 2019 by May 2020.
    • Resources to accomplish this goal:
      • Behavior character ed program = $6,500
      • Educators handbook = $500
  4. All students will participate in BTSA dance classes
    • Dance teacher = $8,000

**Spencer will adjust school imporvement plan and email it out to us for us to review and electronicall sign ASAP.

Next meeting

  • May 3, 2018 @ 7:00 AM