Community Council
December 2, 2017 @ 7:00am
Hillcrest Conference Room


  • Sara Doutre
  • Kim Kelley
  • Kate Twohig
  • Madison Cloward
  • Sheli Field
  • Jason Pond
  • Spencer Holmgren
  • Debbie Brough

Public Input

  • Caroline St. Onge-vision screenings may not be as effective as possible. She shared example of student who had glasses but they weren't helping a particular vision problem. The 'solution' of additional testing would be $500 in new equipment (one-time purchase for the entire district), and more time with each child individually (about 1 min per student).
  • Carrie Merrill-after substituting, she saw a need for students who may need some social work intervention. The school district does have a social worker, but it may not be easily accessible in a timely manner at the schools.

Hillcrest Mission

  • Review and approve minutes from November meeting
    • Kate Twohig motioned
    • Jason Pond 2nd
    • All in favor
  • Budget update (Spencer)
    • Money remaining from the $13,000 from the science prep teacher funds. We've spent $5000 on kindergarten collaboration time. Andrea Melnick is using the 1 hour per day. $8,000 is REMAINING. See teacher classroom needs below.
  • Teacher classroom needs (Spencer, Madison, Kim)
    • Kinder-2nd-would like to divide the money equally between grades because of needs. 2nd grade would like two desktops, Lichfield wants internet (internet comes from UEN, and is spotty at best in her room). Kindergarten would like inexpensive manipulatives rather than computers, totaling $250. 1st grade got their ipads so they're happy. 3rd would like IXL computer program $900/year. 4th grade would like High Noon books $28/5 books. 5th grade funding for technology 'whatever we can get.'
    • School Improvement plan 1-students will make a years' worth of growth in two areas, 2-math goal, 3-Dance, 4-Science Prep (STEM)
    • Proposal: Each grade level submit one page proposal of how they would spend $1000 to meet school improvement plan and address the lowest-performing students.
    • If we can have the proposals back before holiday break, SCC can review, and make decisions at Jan 4th meeting. (3rd and 5th grade like IXL, 4th grade likes Ten Marks, 1st grade likes Iceberg and AMC Math)
  • STEM update (Spencer)
    • Application is coming along well, and is due before Christmas Break.
    • Hour of Code-Monday Dec 11, Lisa Hopkins invited, school board and newspaper invited. Send invitations to contacts at SDL, Thiokol, Senator Hillyard, Rep. Redd, etc.
    • K'Nex competition this evening at Thermo Fisher, Lissa Saunders
    • Stem Family Night-Jan 12th
    • Battery operated car-Wilson & Woodruff are going to race cars at the Logan High track at the end of the school year. Could the race be an AR Reward??
  • Review SNAP plan and safety update (Spencer)-Move to February's agenda

Data Review

  • Schoolwide Snapshot (Spencer)
  • Spencer will e-mail, and we will review in January
  • Next Steps, Assignments, Proposed discussion topics for next meeting


  • Jason Pond motioned
  • Sara Doutre 2nd
  • All in faovr

Next Meeting

  • January 4, 2017 @ 7:00 AM