Community Council
November 2, 2017 at 7:00am
Hillcrest Conference Room


  • Sara Doutre
  • Kim Kelley
  • Kate Twohig(excused)
  • Madison Cloward
  • Sheli Field
  • Jason Pond
  • Spencer Holmgren
  • Debbie Brough

Public Input

  • 1600 E intersection traffic changes, sidewalk, crosswalk, stop signs
  • Lunch Aides-request for walkie-talkies to aid communication-school is already working on the purchase, maybe watchdogs can spend more time at lunch recess, volunteers sign-in/get approved in advance

Hillcrest Mission

  • Review and approve minutes from October meeting-motion to approve by Debbie Brough, seconded by Jason Pond. Vote was unanimous to approve minutes.
  • District SCC training report (Sara)
    • SCC members need to be accessible to the public, we need to have our email addresses and phone numbers available on the website. Goal to have access info up by Dec mtg.
  • DLI committee update (Jason, Spencer, Sara)
    • DLI no longer being considered to be dropped. Several options are being looked at. Hillcrest challenges are mostly because of small size. The most feasible option seemed to be increasing Hillcrest's size.
  • Boundary Change meetings
    • Transportation Meeting will have more info in January
    • School population potential changes
    • Hillcrest building is going forward, size to be determined
  • STEM Update (Spencer)
    • Grant is being written by Spencer. STEM Team meeting next week with teachers and parents.
    • Odyssey of the Mind is going. Meeting Tuesdays in the STEM Lab.
    • Robotics meeting was last night. Quite a few kids are interested. Might need to purchase more robots to accommodate 4 teams.
    • Can we communicate to the superintendent our desire to have the new school be a STEM focused school?
    • STEM NIGHT-January 12, 6-8 PM -- As a kickoff for the Science Fair Feb 2, 2017
  • Budget Update
    • Funds available $13069
  • Vote on Use of Funds for Technology and Teacher Collaboration
    • VOTE: Additional 1hr/day for collaboration and intervention in kindergarten (Melnick) at $5203, and one set of 5 IPads for $2338.
      • Sara motioned
      • James Pond 2nd
      • All in favor

Review Baseline Reading Data

  • Resources need to be allocated to where the needs are.

Next Steps, Assignments

  • Proposed discussion topics for next meeting
    • Technology needs breakdown
    • Safety needs

Next Meeting

  • December 7, 2017 @ 7:00 AM