Community Council Minutes
October 6, 2016 at 7:00am
Hillcrest Elementary Conference Room

Sara Doutre (Chairman) Jenna Williams
Julie Benson Kate Twohig
Jason Pond Maria Santana
Spencer Holmgren Kim Kelley

Agenda Topics

  • Public Input
  • Review and approve minutes from September meeting
  • Beginning of the year data for DIBELS and STAR Assessments
  • Current Budget
  • SNAP Plan
  • Proposed discussion topics for next meeting and date of next meeting.

Next Meeting: Nov. 3, 2016 @ 7:00 AM

Hillcrest Community Council

October 6, 2016 7:00 A.M.


  • Sara Doutre
  • Deandra Harps
  • Kate Twohig
  • Jason Pond
  • Spencer Holmgren
  • Julie Benson
  • Brittany Anderson

Public Input:

Kate talked about the crosswalk on the corner of 1600 East

Approval of Minutes:

Motion - Kate, seconded - Jason, minutes approved unanimously

Hillcrest Mission and Vision

"Ensure all students at Hillcrest are learners with skills to reach their dreams and succeed. Dream * Learn * Succeed"

As a principal how are you enforcing that? Weekly data meetings where we discuss individual students with the principal, then monthly meetings where we review 2 data points. Then I visit classrooms to ensure that things are happening. We have some great things happening in classrooms and some things we can improve on that we will continue to work on.

Our Vision is that Every teacher in every classroom, every day will provide: 1. Positive Behavior Supports 2. Articulated learning objectives and targets 3. Frequent opportunities for students to respond 4. Gradual Release of Responsibility 5. Assessment 6. Ongoing feedback 7. DifferentiationAnnual: Every K-3 student will achieve a growth score at or above the 48th percentile as measured by formative and/or summative DIBELS assessments. Students who take the SAGE assessments will achieve a Student Growth Percentile equal to or greater than 50 and/or a Scaled Score at 75% or better according to STAR Assessments. 5-Year: Exceed all standards and expectations statewide.

So will this be the overarching goal of our school plan? I think our plan can fit within this visition. We are going to make a commitment to help kids grow. We can then say this is the area where we want to focus our growth, funds, etc.


Total - $42,921
Science Prep Teacher - $8,500 - spent
Literacy Aids - $30,000 - spent (6 aides)
Mastery Connect Convention - $4248.70 - spent
Total Expenditures - $42,748
Remaining - $173

We have some literacy aids that also speak Portuguese so they can help in the dual language classrooms as well as in the English classroom.

Mastery Connect has some common formative assessments that allow us to speak the same language across the grade level. At this point we can then discuss individual students and how they are mastering the content.

How is the training happening for the teachers? The Leadership team went to the convention and they have come back and are training the other teachers, they on-line things to work on. On a monthly basis they are publicly recognized for their efforts.

Motion to approve newly adjusted budget - Spencer, seconded by Kate, unanimous vote by all present.

Is there some assessment that will happen at the end of this year to see if there is a big drop in achievement at the end of the year so we know if lack of those aides affected their learning. At the end of the year they will take an APPLE assessment to see if they have met the objectives that are required statewide - without the bias of local teachers. Then we can objectively look at this for the future.

Data assessments, DIBELS and STAR, given the last week of August.

See attached powerpoint presentation for the data that was discussed.

There is a drop off in achievement over the summer. They hit benchmark by the end of school and then drop off and then we have to bring them back up. Are low achievers invited to attend summer school interventions? I'm new, I'm not sure how they intervene because there are programs available.

Throughout the year can you show us these data so we can see growth? Yes

Data Gateway USOE, How are trustland funds supporting student achievement,

SNAP plan - Devin Crites will be here from the trails plan. Let's invite Kent Field - the Logan City Hillcrest Neighborhood rep - and Reed Tanner - the president of the Safety committee.

Sara gave out the information on Community council - training, responsibilities, etc.

There is a district training that the superintendent will hold the end of this month. - gateway for accessing school data across the state.

Motion to adjourn - Kate, Seconded - Spencer

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 A.M.