Community Council Minutes
September 14, 2018 @ 7:00am
Hillcrest Conference Room


Sara Doutre (Chair) Spencer Holmgren
Kate Twohig (Vice Chair) Debbie Brough
Sheli Field (Secretary) Jason Pond
Andrea Melnick Rohalo - visitor
Susan MacMurdo Sara Rawlston - visitor
Dannon Loveland - visitor Rami Heers - visitor
Mitch Peterson – administrative intern Larry Williams - visitor
Madison Cloward

Welcome and Intrudutions

  • Add Susan MacMurda as staff member to SCC
    • Kate Twohig motioned
    • Jason Pond 2nd
    • All in favor

Public Input

  • Jason Pond relayed information regarding the Logan Schools Foundation.
    • Hillcrest received $1000 in mini-grant funds this round, about 1/3 of the available money for this time period.
    • The foundation has set aside $1500 for a major grant for an elementary school, so keep this in mind, about November.
    • Sara Doutre said that Hillcrest applied for a $500 grant from the state legislature for suicide and mental health funding.
    • Hillcrest also applied for a $1000 grant from the PTA for STEM Night.
  • Kate Twohig expressed concern from parents about students having to move 2-3 times to different tables in the lunchroom.
    • Cafeteria workers are trying to clean off tables and students are being asked to move.
    • Sometimes this has the side-effect of kids giving up eating and just throwing their lunch away.
    • Unfortunately, this is a result of a cafeteria that is too small.
    • Spencer will monitor this situation.
    • Hillcrest has started the share table again, but it is only happening at lunch, and then the food is being discarded at the end of lunch.
  • Sara Doutre mentioned the 100 ft wide strip of land that is owned by the city, but needed for the new school construction.
    • There is a city council meeting Sept 18th at 5:30 pm where Logan City will be discussing this.
    • There is also a meeting Sept 27th at 6:00 pm to give the Hillcrest community an update.

Hillcrest Mission

  • Review and approve minutes from August meeting
    • Jason Pond motioned
    • Kate Twohig 2nd
    • All in favor

2018-2019 SCC Officer Elections

  • Sheli Field as Chair
    • Kate twohig motioned
    • Jason Pond 2nd
    • All in favor
  • Kate Twohig as Vice Chair
    • Jason Pond motioned
    • Debbie Brough 2nd
    • All in favor
  • Sara Doutre as Secretary
    • Jason Pond motioned
    • Kate Twohig 2nd
    • All in favor

Budget update (Spencer)

  • Spencer is still looking for more aides to fill avaiable positions.
  • We should move forward in asking grade-level teams for input on spending the money we have set aside for each grade level.
  • Sara Doutre will update the application/form from last year and get it to Spencer to distribute to teachers.
  • Teams could possibly use their money as a match required for the money from the Logan Schools Foundation.
  • The SIP plan says software and technology, but we can present requests to the school board.
  • We will ask the teachers to have their requests in to the SCC by Oct 5th so we can review them and approve money by the Oct 17th SCC meeting and vote to approve
  • We have up to $2000 for Pre, K-5, special services, prep teachers (science and library have other sources of funding, but we can give them applications if money is left over and their goals match).

Celebration Postcard Update

  • Spencer will work on making a postcard with information and sketches of the new building.
  • Dannon Loveland suggested a website with live updates of the construction.
  • We should send out the postcard next week.
  • Spencer will get with VCBO architects for the renderings of the building.


  • More revised plans will be presented at the Sept 27th meeting.
  • Traffic counts are being taken by the city this week to establish needs for school zones, crossing guards, and cross walks.
  • Discussion was presented about the importance of green space, and potentially using the current front yard of Hillcrest as a play place when Ellis is using the old Hillcrest building.

Review of Year-End Data (Spencer)

  • Hillcrest’s middle of year and end of year testing levels are above the state, but not the district.
  • Hillcrest did outscore the district on the SAGE.
  • The new test that will be used is the RISE.
  • Dibels should be used as a basic screening, but the state of UT requires it to be used 3 times/year.
  • Rami Heers suggested telling the kids what the test is about, not just speed.
  • As their speed levels come down, their comprehension levels go up.
  • SAGE results for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders
    • Language arts 53% (Logan District 43%, State of UT 46%)
    • Math 43% (Logan District 44%, State of UT 51%)
    • Science 53% (Logan District 45%, State of UT 50%)

Review 2018-19 Goals

  • Make sure our 2018-2019 goals are listed on the forms for teacher funding requests.
  • Next Steps, Assignments

Proposed discussion topics for October meeting

  • Review funding requests from grade levels


  • Kate Twohig motions
  • Debbie Brough 2nd
  • All in favor

Next Meeting

  • October 17, 2018 @ 7:00 AM