Community Council Minutes
August 3, 2018 @ 7:00am
Hillcrest Conference Room


Sara Doutre (Chair) Susan McMurdo
Kate Twohig (Vice Chair) Kristen McEnoa
Sheli Field (Secretary) Jason Pond(excused)
Spencer Holmgren Debbie Brough
Maddie Cloward Melissa LaMalfa
Heidi Thornley Kim Kelley

CC Business

  • 2018-2019 SCC Officer Elections will take place at the September meeting.
  • New Meeting Time: First Tues of the month at 7:00 am Next Meeting Sept 4 @ 7

Budget update (Spencer)

  • Overall budget $56,834
  • Paraprofessionals $36,000
  • Tech software $6,672= $1,000/grade level
  • Tech hardware $6,672= $1,000/grade level
  • Dance $8,000
    • (Mrs. Rice will be here the first half of the year, Spencer is trying to arrange funding to have her come back at the end of the school year as well)
  • Over by $510
    • This is probably ok as sometimes aides aren’t hired right at the beginning of the year, and as they are hourly, any time off would decrease the amount spent.
  • Paraprofessionals $36,000=19 hours in 2017-2018
    • This year it’s only 16.5 hours (decrease of 2.5 hours)
    • The school likes to have about 50 hours per day, 16.5 of that comes from SCC funds.
    • 1 hour of instructional assistant tie for a full year is = $2152.
  • Grant was received for language arts software to cover two programs for the year
    • Imagine Learning and Lexia.
    • We do need to buy math software.
  • Hardware
    • Purchased ipads for 1st grade and kindergarten last year, approximately 6 per class.
    • 2nd grade got chromebooks
    • 3rd – 5th are one-to-one already.
    • We should listen to the teachers, as to what they need this year. Last year we had teacher teams apply for what they needed. It was a great experience. Consider asking teacher teams again, but earlier in the year.
    • Math hardware is about $1,500/grade level license per year.
    • The district covers Reflex Math, and the district covers Mastery Connect (which the kids don’t interact with, but enables teachers to enter data and see kid by kid, who has mastered what concepts).

Celebration Postcard

  • If we can get a proof by today, maybe we can get them out by Monday.
  • Lists some of the accomplishments of the school.
  • This postcard will be sent out to postal routes covering our school boundaries.
  • Sheli will look into how to send them to homes that have recently been sold.

Public Input

  • When families move into the neighborhood, they start to school shop.
  • Full day kindergarten is a pull to some of the other elementaries in the valley.
  • Sara is looking into legislative money that is supposed to be set aside for full day kindergarten.
  • Why aides don't know they are rehired till late into August
    • That's when the funds are released from the district.
    • The hiring pool with the district is small, and there are needs in the special need departments that take priority.
    • Retention of good aides is valuable.

2018-2019 School Year Updates

  • Response to Intervention
  • Moving dance to Prep class rotation
  • Change in school schedule and instructional aid assignments
  • School wide instructional team meetings and professional learning community time
    • This allows us to have both vertical and horizontal data meetings and instructional conversations.
  • Focus on four areas of improvement for Hillcrest in STEM.
  • Vertical STEM planning-schoolwide instead of just grade level
  • STEM leadership team monitors STEM instruction and implementation
    • More mentoring from STEM leadership team
  • Social and emotional needs of students-feedback from kids to principal (Lighthouse team and comment box)
  • Student participation in decision making
  • Rebecca Landa and Chris Davis are just finishing their STEM endorsement
  • New Start and End Times-8:05 to 2:35

Move to September’s agenda

  • New Hillcrest Building Updates
  • Review of Year-End Data
  • -Review 2018-19 Goals
  • -Next Steps, Assignments
  • Proposed discussion topics for September meeting

Hillcrest Mission

  • Review and Approve Minutes from May Meeting
    • Kate Twohig motioned
    • Jason Pond 2nd
    • All in favor
  • Sept 10th safety week
    • Sara contacted Logan City, Jed Allamari on doing the school traffic count for school zones
  • SCC Recruitment (Sara)
    • Sara has made a flier for back to school night with information detailing SCC and how to join.
  • Add Melissa LaMalfa as Parent Representative
    • Jason Pond motions
    • Debbie Brough 2nd
    • All voted in favor.

Next Meeting

  • September 4, 2018 @ 7:00 AM