Community Council
February 1, 2018 at 7:00am
Hillcrest Conference Room


  • Sara Doutre
  • Kim Kelley
  • Kate Twohig
  • Madison Cloward
  • Sheli Field
  • Jason Pond
  • Spencer Holmgren
  • Debbie Brough

Public Input

  • Grant applications from the Cache Education Foundation are due Feb 5. Many classrooms are applying, including computer prep.
  • The school district is applying for a grant from the STEM Action Center. Looking to get Ipads for every student in the younger grades.
  • STEM Designation application is going well. The electric car has been returned to Hillcrest.
  • Computer Science conference in SLC- 21st Century Skills needed in the computer class, including coding, career preparation, typing, etc.
  • The school district is looking to 'tighten' the alignment of prep curriculum-for example using the music curriculum purchased by the district. Each school has the ability to supplement the program as deemed appropriate for their music prep.

Hillcrest Mission

  • Review and approve minutes from December meeting
    • Jason motions
    • Kate 2nd
    • All in favor
  • Report on District SCC Cyber Security Training
    • Those who attended felt it was reactive, as opposed to proactive. Topics included Google, YouTube, and firewalls. It wasn't as useful as it could be.
    • Netsmartz Program through Sean Reyes-Hillcrest is signed up to go through it at the end of the school year. **Please invite the SCC to the assembly on this program.
  • Budget update (Spencer)
    • We have approved a lot of the expenses for each grade level. We've spent about $5000. We have about $2000 left. Discussion on if we should do matching grants for those who apply to the Cache Education Foundation.

Data Review

  • Schoolwide Snapshot (Spencer)
    • Look for patterns. Look for areas we can support as a SCC.
    • Dibels and STAR data:
    • Comparing Hillcrest data to LCSD. We are spending some professional development money on a program called Pathways that are techniques/strategies to help ESL/ELL. The focus is more on growth, instead of are they at benchmark or not. Dibels are more predictive of SAGE than STAR. STAR data shows we are about 54% on the growth scale, and 35 % on the proficient scale. The goal is to be above 50 in both growth and proficiency. Kindergarten didn't have a lot of growth from beginning to middle of year. Teachers are wondering if this is the result of not testing the kids and placing them in classes. Look at options of how to help a struggling class. Date from each grade level shows mostly growth. Some sections are struggling, but the rigor of the test has changed, and also the test changes, like DAZE is added in 3rd grade and comprehension is added to 2nd grade in the middle of the year.
    • Goals to help kindergarten-ask the teachers what they need, look at additional aide time, send request for parent help through PTA.


  • Debbie motions
  • Kate 2nd
  • All in favor

Next Steps, Assignments

  • With remaining funds, review the help needed in kindergarten classroom, 2nd grade funding requests, and matching Cache Education Foundation grants.

Proposed discussion topics for March meeting

  • Review SNAP plan and safety update
  • Discussion on Comprehensive Vision Screening
  • Caroline has been talking to other SCC's in the district. Looking at getting donations to buy the supplies.
  • Review goals and looking forward to writing new School Improvement Plan and recruit more parents for the SCC (at least 2 more).

Next Meeting

  • March 1, 2018 @ 7:00 AM